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White Pussy Chapter 4, an ultimate spider-man fanfic | FanFiction

White Pussy Chapter 4, an ultimate spider-man fanfic | FanFiction. Briefing. The mood one has when walking to Nick Fury's office on the Helicarrier can be likened to that of a cartoon cat descending an escalator to Hell for chasing a bird. As Peter shuffled down the unnecessarily long hallway to the office, he couldn't help but wonder why Fury ...

Ultimate Spider-Man - The Spider's Bite, an ultimate marvel ...

Follow/Fav Ultimate Spider-Man - The Spider's Bite By: Shadow-Of-The-Guardian When the spider bit Peter's hand and gave him all the abilities of a spider, he didn't realize at the time what abilities he was given.

The Best Scene From Ultimate Spider-Man ! - YouTube

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White Tiger | Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series Wiki | Fandom

White Tiger (Ava Ayala) is a S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee and the current successor in her family's legacy to bear the name. Originally a lone hero, she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. in an effort to become a right-hand woman to Nick Fury. With the rest of her group, she embarked on many missions and developed further as a hero. Throughout her time with the rest of the group, she rediscovered her hatred for ...

Mystique | Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series Wiki | Fandom

Mystique (real name Raven Darkhölme) is a mutant supervillain. Mystique's name can be seen on one of the news tickers, noted being questioned in a string of bank robberies. She was seen with Beast in a book called "Mutant and the Beast" in Spidey's imagination.