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[NOTICE: This Privacy Policy is a translation of the Japanese original for reference purposes only, and in the event of any discrepancy, the Japanese original shall prevail.],proun hd

realdoll,marti xxx Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “we”) recognizes the importance of properly managing and protecting personal information and has established the following policy.


hot gf,[1.]Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information by appropriate means and only to the extent necessary. Unless otherwise authorized by any applicable laws, we either disclose the purpose of utilization in advance or inform you promptly afterwards. When we collect your personal information directly from you in a written form (including an electronic form), we state a utilization purpose in advance. When we collect sensitive personal information which requires extra care in its handling, we obtain your prior consent, unless otherwise authorized by any applicable laws.,nude waxing

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www xxx play,[2.]Handling of Personal Information

rkprime,When we collect personal information, we will limit the scope of use as narrow as possible, and use it only to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose. We obtain your prior consent, unless otherwise authorized by any applicable laws, when we need to use your personal information beyond the scope initially identified. We do not produce or provide to a third party any processed information which is produced from personal information in the way that no specific individual can be identified. When we receive and use such processed information, we will not try to spot any individuals by identifying the method of processing or by collating such information with other information.


[3.]Management of Personal Information,sexy movey

We strive to maintain personal information accurate and up-to-date within the scope necessary to achieve our purpose, and we will have adequate measures in place to safeguard the information in our possession. Such measures include, but not limited to, educating, training and supervising employees. We designate one person in charge of personal information in every department in order to prevent unauthorized access to, or loss, falsification, leak, destruction or any damages of personal information in our possession.,porn scene

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[4.]Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party,primalfetish

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 ,m porm

mama xvideo,[5.]Sharing of Personal Information

deflaration,We may share your personal information among our group companies in Japan when it deemed appropriate for the purpose listed below. We do not share your personal information with any overseas parties, including our overseas group companies.

We share your personal information with our group companies listed as Affiliate Companies (Japan) in “Locations” of our website <http://www.iiachdpb.in/jp/locations/>.

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xxx in bra,Purpose of sharing your personal information with our group companies in Japan:

– to conduct communication, business meetings, and negotiations,chut full hd

mama xvideo,– to provide information about our products

m porm,– to deliver products ordered by our customers’ representative

solo sex,– for other purpose necessary for doing business

sex in farm,– to respond to inquiries

– to send requested information,sez vidio

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xxx.nl,Items of personal information to be shared

Name/Position/ Department/ Company name/Address/Phone number/Fax number/Email address, etc.,xxx f video

மியா காலிஃபா

An entity responsible for personal information,hot blouse

marti xxx Co., Ltd.,primalfetish


[6.]Disclosure, Correction and Termination of Utilization/Provision of Personal Information Retained,sez vidio

We appropriately fulfill your requests, as required by law, to disclose scope of use of personal information, to disclose your information we keep, to correct the information, to stop utilizing your personal information, or to stop our supply of your information to a third party (hereinafter referred to as a “request of disclosure etc.”),sexmovihd

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[7.]Observance of Laws and Regulations,sex in farm

In handling personal information, we comply with all laws and regulations relating to personal information security, including but not limited to Japan’s Personal Information Protection Law, and all obligations specified in guidelines issued by the Personal Information Protection Commission and this Privacy Policy.,like xvideos

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deflaration,[8.]Inquiries about Personal Information

For any queries regarding personal information, or requests of disclosure, correction, termination of use, or complaints or consultation, please contact;,xnxx,net

Legal Affairs Dept., marti xxx Co., Ltd.,m porm

hot japanese,e-mail: houmuc@daidometal.com

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Established on April 1, 2005,debnairblog

Revised on April 15, 2021,ooo.sex.com

மியா காலிஃபா

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We utilize personal information for the following purposes:,மியா காலிஃபா


porn ass,Personal information of our customers’ representatives

bokep animal,– to conduct communication, business meetings, and negotiations

– to provide information about our products,porn scene

m porm,– to deliver products ordered by our customers’ representative

– for other purpose necessary for doing business,xnxx,net

 ,xxx seax

xxxsexvedeos,Personal information of job applicants

proun hd,– to provide information and to contact

– to use for selection process,sexy movey


Personal information provided online through our website,pussy porn

– to respond to inquiries,nora allen

– to send requested information,sleep xxx


like xvideos,Personal Information of shareholders

xpee.com,– to exercise the rights and fulfill the obligations of shareholders under the law

hot blouse,– to provide various benefits to shareholders in their capacity as our shareholders

indin por,– to implement various measures to maintain a good relationship between shareholders and us

– to manage the information of shareholders, including the preparation of shareholder data according to the prescribed standards under various laws and regulations,www xxx play


Personal information provided in relation to the queries on personal information we hold,xxxx sex in

xpee.com,– to investigate and reply to queries

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